Awards & Recognition

Top 10 PropTech Solution Provider 2019

In August 2019, Phoenix Software’s holding company, PropTech Solutions Inc., was recognized as a 2019 Top 10 PropTech Solution Provider by CIO Applications Europe and was the featured cover story in their PropTech Special Edition Magazine. In the magazine editorial, Founder and CEO, Carlos Matias, is celebrated for his leadership and expertise in international real estate and for his companies’ significant contributions to the industry. See Certificate of Honour and Press Release.

“To be recognized as a Top 10 PropTech Solution Provider of 2019 is a tremendous honour. The caliber of the other companies sharing this recognition reveals the significance of this achievement. I am grateful and more committed than ever to helping our customers grow through innovative technology.”

Carlos Matias

CEO & Founder, GryphTech & Phoenix Software

About the Acknowledgement

To help real estate company executives navigate their software solution options, CIO Applications Europe’s distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs and VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of CIO Applications Europe, narrowed down the Top 10 PropTech Companies of 2019. The recognized companies include industry leaders who embrace digital transformation to disrupt and improve the way residential and commercial property is bought, sold, rented, designed, built and managed.

“We are pleased to recognize PropTech Solutions as one of the leading PropTech companies of 2019,” said Joe Phillip, Managing Editor of CIO Applications Europe. “Their proven track record of delivering solutions that meet the unique needs of the real estate sector makes them the preferred choice for businesses all over the world. From a comprehensive real estate platform to franchise administration and back office management, PropTech Solutions is setting a new standard.”

About PropTech Solutions Inc.

PropTech Solutions Inc. is the holding company of leading global real estate technology companies, Phoenix Software Inc. and GryphTech Inc. Together, they provide real estate businesses in over 60 countries with innovative tools to accelerate their growth. Founded by real estate visionary and entrepreneur, Carlos Matias, PropTech Solutions is celebrated for its technology’s flexibility, ease of use, and ability to generate new business opportunities. Its lead-to-close solutions are cloud-based, multilingual, multicurrency and mobile-friendly, meeting the needs and earning the trust of the world’s largest real estate brands.

“Phoenix Software has been a dedicated partner of Keller Williams Worldwide for several years. As the most innovative real estate company in the world, it is imperative that Keller Williams partner with the best. To be able to confidently present Phoenix as a technology option to the Keller Williams global network has been invaluable. We are grateful for their partnership and commitment to helping our regions grow.”

Bill Soteroff
President, Keller Williams Worldwide