Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is an effective tool that real estate agents can use to help their seller clients set the list price for their homes and help buyer clients make competitive offers. Essentially, a CMA looks at similar properties that have recently been listed or sold in the area to offer a means of comparison. 

With REP’s Comparative Market Analysis Tool, agents can select listed properties within the region to produce two types of CMA brochures. Each brochure has the agent’s contact info. prominently displayed.

1. Comparable Property Market Analysis 

This brochure provides an average on five key data points for up to 10 selected properties, including:

  • average days on market
  • average list price
  • average sold price
  • average price per square meter
  • average square meter

The brochure also includes a list of active properties on the market, recently sold properties, a comparable summary, and a days on market bar graph.

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2. Side by Side Property Comparison – Market Analysis

This brochure provides an average on three key data points for up to 14 selected properties, including:

  • average list price
  • average square meter
  • average price per square meter

The brochure also compares 12 common features across each property: first owner, frequency location, good reachable traffic, near motorway, near schools, near shops, downtown, near bus, near golf course, near hospital, near public transportation, and on quiet road.

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It’s easy to create a CMA Brochure in REP

There are four quick and easy steps to create a CMA Brochure: Step 1 is to choose property preferences; Step 2 is to select listing details; Step 3 is to enter location details; and Step 4 is to enter listing attributes. Click the arrows below to see each step or click image to enlarge:

Benefits of a Comparative Market Analysis


Agents representing sellers can use a CMA to educate their clients and help inform the list price for a property. A CMA is particularly helpful during a listing presentation as it allows for a productive conversation and presents an opportunity for an agent to deliver value from the start.

A CMA can also support an agent when recommending a list price adjustment to their client, as it demonstrates the price point that buyers are gravitating towards.


Agents representing buyers can use a CMA to educate their clients before they make an offer to ensure they understand what’s fair market value for a property so they don’t over pay.

A CMA can also support price negotiations as your client will be able to make informed decisions. 

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