Promote Your Listings Worldwide with REP & ProperStar

Phoenix Software is proud to partner with ProperStar, the world’s largest property portal network. Through a network of up to 100 property portals in 60+ countries, ProperStar can connect REP’s customers with 165M+ potential buyers from around the world to generate more leads. This is an optional service integrated into REP.

How It Works

On request, all listings from participating REP customers will be syndicated daily from REP to ProperStar. Through the REP Marketplace, agents can login to ProperStar and select which listings they would like to publish to international portals. ListGlobally will then automatically translate these listings into 16 languages to ensure they are optimized for local markets.

Once a listing is promoted internationally, agents can leverage performance tracking tools to monitor the number of listing views, the origin of visitors, and the volume of leads generated, among other stats. They can also print reports for clients to showcase the value they are offering by using The Real Estate Platform to help market and sell their property.

Let Us Show You More

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