Powerful Marketing Made Easy

Easy to use marketing tools to help you nurture relationships, promote listings, generate leads and grow your business.

Marketing On Demand

Make an impression, stay top-of-mind and generate new business with professionally designed marketing templates for all your marketing needs.

Leverage a vast selection of marketing templates to easily customize and distribute in support of all your marketing objectives – listing promotion, agent promotion, CRM, prospect marketing, recruitment and retention.

The easy-to-use system allows you to customize a template and promote your unique value proposition in just a few minutes. Simply select a template, select a listing (if appropriate), edit, assign contacts, preview and send.

Then, review your dashboard to track performance statistics and respond accordingly.

Marketing Plans

Stay connected with your clients and prospects all year round with little effort. Let the system work for you to drive new business with Marketing Plans.

Access a selection of purpose-built drip marketing campaigns or create your own.

Simply assign contacts, automate email events to be sent, set reminders, and activate.

Then, track performance statistics on your sent events and plan your next contact engagements accordingly.

System Control

Permission setting by role type ensures the right controls are in place to effectively manage marketing operations across your organization. For example:

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