Teams Management

Manage & empower your real estate teams to grow

Regional Settings & Admin

Regions can assign roles (i.e. Team Leader, Team Member, Team Administrator) and grant Office Administrators the ability to create and manage teams (i.e. transfers or disable members).

REP - Real Estate Teams Settings

Team Profile Page

A dedicated page on your Region website to showcase your teams, including team names, logos, descriptions, members, recently listed properties, and a prominent contact form that sends lead inquiries to the assigned Team Lead Coordinator.

Team Dashboard

Access a single screen to view all key team metrics and monitor team performance, i.e. new & pending leads, team listings, most popular listings, cooperation requests, buyer profiles, total listing views, and team profile views.

Team Member Impersonation

Eligible users can access a My Team page to see all members of their team. With approval granted, Team Leaders & Team Administrators can impersonate team members to perform in-app work on their behalf to maximize productivity.

Manage Team Leads

Eligible users can select which team member will be sent leads from the various lead capture points on the Regional website, i.e. team listing or profile inquiries. The selected individual will also receive lead activity email notifications to ensure no opportunity gets missed.

Team Reports

The Team Leader will have access to a variety of reports on all members within his/her team, offering valuable insights on individual and collective team performance, i.e. Usage Statistics Overview Report.

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