Transaction Management

Easily create and track transactions, commissions and payments

Manage all your transaction commissions and payments with confidence

Transactions Overview

Access a single screen to view all transactions and related details, i.e. type (listing/selling), listing ID, list price, agent name, etc. From this screen, you can quickly create a transaction, view pending payments or regional reports. Plus, you can use the free text search to quickly find what you’re looking for. 

REP Transactions Management

Create Transactions

Region-authorized users can create new listing and selling transactions by following a simple workflow and entering the required details. Where applicable, available data points will be auto-populated for accuracy and efficiency.

Reports & Regional Reporting

The Reported Transaction Payments Report offers an overview of reported payments by month to all users. Authorized users can also submit payments to the region by leveraging Regional Reports.

Transaction Approval Workflow

The Transaction Approval Workflow is an effective quality assurance measure to help ensure only qualified transactions are entered. It also provides Offices (Transaction Coordinator) oversight on each transaction submitted. 

Region Security Settings

Regional settings allow regions the ability to define certain specifications and allowances. For example, default commission percentage, whether or not an agent can start a transaction, and the required commission reporting date.


When an agent submits a transaction for review, the assigned Transaction Coordinator will receive an email notification. Once the Coordinator approves or rejects the transaction, the agent will receive an ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’ email, as well as see a notification in REP.

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