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Let us help you overcome the challenges of international real estate

Expanding internationally presents unique challenges. It’s important to leverage a technology provider with the experience necessary to help you overcome these challenges. We’ve spent 20+ years helping leading real estate companies across 60+ countries manage and grow their business. Looking to expand? Consider The Real Estate Platform (REP) by Phoenix Software.

International Challenge
How REP Resolves It
Siloed Tech Ecosystem

Most solution providers outside N. America are specialized. Integrating multiple solutions results in lost productivity and intel.

Complete Lead to Close Platform 

REP’s all-in-one solution allows you to manage your business from end-to-end and realize efficiencies while maintaining control at every stage to gain valuable insights. 

Languages & Currencies

A culturally appropriate solution is vital to agent adoption. All systems and communications need to be in the local languages and currencies. 

Multilingual & Multicurrency

REP’s websites, systems and tools are multilingual (40+ including dialects) and multicurrency (100+), including property search, agent and consumer communications and billing.

Law Variability

Outside N. America, the industry is largely unregulated with no broadly adopted MLS system, regulations nor licensing.

Local Law Compliance

Where laws exist, it is essential that your tech complies to minimize risk and protect your brand. REP has a track record of compliance with local laws, i.e. GDPR, so you can operate confidently.

Minimal Cooperation

Outside N. America, software solutions don’t typically provide ways for agents to promote each other’s listings for mutual benefit.

Cooperation Tools

REP encourages and facilitates cooperation to generate new business through powerful tools i.e. Buyer Match, that increase listing exposure and referral opportunities.

Siloed Tech Ecosystem Real Estate Portals 

Portals dominate many international markets with strong consumer demand, creating competition for leads and web traffic.

Portal Syndication Service 

REP offers listing syndication to over 100 portals in 60 countries reaching 160M+ consumers through partner, ListGlobally, saving agents the need to enter listings twice in order to increase reach.

Global Real Estate Platform from Lead to Close

Configured to Meet Your Needs

Each customer instance of REP is white labeled. We’ll work with you to deliver a solution that meets your requirements. REP is truly a localized solution, offering the flexibility needed to support a wide array of global specifications.

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